Are you struggling to extract the maximum value from your legacy

code while developing new products?

Our advanced tool is here to revolutionize your approach.




Advanced Editor
Seamlessly integrate new features with our advanced editor, allowing you to visualize the impact of additional code on your project.
Real-time Impact Analysis
Perform instant impact analysis to understand how new code affects your existing system without the need for manual investigation.
Instant Knowledge Base Creation
Generate a comprehensive knowledge base instantly, empowering newcomers to understand the project's sequence and components.




Challenges in The Code


Complex Control Flow Diagram Creation: With legacy code spanning millions of lines, manually creating control flow diagrams becomes impractical.

Time Constraints: Tight timelines for product releases demand a rapid understanding of existing code structures.

Lack of Comprehensive Knowledge Base: Newcomers need quick access to a comprehensive document repository to understand previous work.



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Understand is a Static Code Analysis tool aiming to achieve a complete code navigation, control flow graph generation, Metrics generation, code comparison, checking on the adherence of a code to some specific coding standards like MISRA and code reengineering for an array of programming languages like C, C++, Java, Jovial, Pascal, ADA, .NET and more.

Understand is a tool from “Scientific Tools Inc.” and based out of St. George, Utah, US. This tool has been used since long in leading automotive, aerospace, defence and loads of other critical industries for understanding large legacy codes and take up Static Code Analysis on them.

Understand as a tool has also a well developed command line interface which allows this tool to be integrated with any of the existing tool chain that the software companies normally use. Since the commencement of the company ( Scientific Tools Inc.) in 1996 UnderstandTM has been used by more than 200 companies world wide to understand their codes and development further on them.

Do you prefer complete control over your coding environment?

Understand comes bundled with a robust API to unlock your project's full potential



Empowering Industries with Cutting-Edge Software Quality Assurance


Increased Confidence: Gain confidence in creating new products and accelerate time-to-market with ease.

Accelerated Development: Shortened product development timelines by up to 10X, ensuring faster delivery to market.

Cost and Resource Savings: Save valuable resources by streamlining the optimization process with our tool.

Don't let legacy code hold you back! Experience the power of our solution and unlock the full potential of your codebase. Contact us today to schedule a demo and embark on your journey towards efficient product development.

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