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Elevate Your GUI Testing with Squish Streamline GUI Testing with Automation Squish revolutionizes GUI testing by simplifying the complexity associated with testing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and human-machine interfaces (HMIs). Our advanced automation solution is designed to cater to evolving product landscapes and even the demands of safety-critical applications.Functional GUI testing is an essential part of Development and QA when testing creating shophisticated modern GUI application. Manual testing alone cannot review an application of regressions within an acceptable time frame. Automated GUI tests quickly produce reliable and reproducible result, and execute in a fraction of the time. Automated GUI testing enables test engineers to expanded testing coverage and rapidly find regressions so fixes can be make early. saving both time and money.



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Crafting a maintainable and effective automated GUI testing framework hinges on leveraging a tool that deeply understands the intricate technologies underpinning the GUIs being tested. Froglogic's Squish stands out as a premier cross-platform, multi-technology GUI testing solution. With Squish, testers gain access to a comprehensive suite of features tailored to support a wide range of modern GUI applications. Whether it's Qt, QML, QtQuick, QtWebkit, Java GUIs, Native Windows Controls, macOS Cocoa and Carbon, iOS Native and Web GUIs, Android Native and Web GUIs, or Web and Flex applications across various browsers, Squish provides dedicated and exhaustive support. By harnessing Squish's capabilities, testers can streamline their GUI testing efforts, ensuring reliability and efficiency across diverse platforms and technologies.





Agile-Friendly Automation
Squish seamlessly integrates into agile-oriented teams, providing efficient and agile GUI automation. Schedule routine identify regressions pre-QA, and receive fast feedback on commits, empowering your team to maintain optimal application quality throughout the development lifecycle
Embrace Hybrid Technology
Our platform excels at automating multi-technology applications and those utilizing more than one toolkit. With Squish, effortlessly interact with UI controls of each type natively and automatically, allowing you to focus your efforts on enhancing application quality.
Cross-Collaborative QA
Squish fully supports Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), a testing method that unites technical and business project stakeholders to deliver high-quality products to market. This fosters cross-collaboration and ensures alignment between your team's objectives and the end product.

Supported Platforms

Squish supports a wide range of platforms, ensuring compatibility with your preferred development environment and technologies.
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Powerful Features for Modern Testing Challenges


Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) & Testing: Align technical and business stakeholders for effective testing.
Recording and Playback: Simplify test creation with intuitive recording and playback functionalities.
Test Verification & Validation: Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your tests with comprehensive verification and validation tools.
Intuitive Test Creation Environment: Create and customize tests effortlessly with our powerful and intuitive interface.
Multiple Scripting Languages: Utilize your preferred scripting language for seamless test creation.
Data-Driven Testing: Enhance test coverage and accuracy by leveraging data-driven testing capabilities.

Extensive Integration Options: Seamlessly integrate Squish into your existing testing ecosystem with our extensive integration options.
Object Map & Identification Tools: Simplify object identification and management with our intuitive object map and identification tools.
Visual Verifications: Ensure UI consistency and accuracy with powerful visual verification tools.
Image-Based Testing: Automate testing of visual components with image-based testing capabilities.
OCR (Optical Character Recognition): Extract and verify text within graphical elements using OCR technology.
Remote Control: Control and monitor tests remotely for enhanced flexibility and efficiency.