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Functional GUI testing is an essential part of Development and QA when testing creating shophisticated modern GUI application. Manual testing alone cannot review an application of regressions within an acceptable time frame. Automated GUI tests quickly produce reliable and reproducible result, and execute in a fraction of the time. Automated GUI testing enables test engineers to expanded testing coverage and rapidly find regressions so fixes can be make early. saving both time and money.

The creation of maintainable and time-proven automated GUI testing framework requires an automation tool that embodies a deep knowledge of the underlying GUI technologies being tested.

Froglogic's popular cross-platform multi-technology GUI testing tool, Squish support automating testing for all kind of modern GUI applications, with dedicated and comprehensive support for:

  • Qt. QML, QtQuick and QtWebkit
  • Java GUIs
  • Native Windows Controls
  • macOS Cocoa and Carbon
  • iOS Native and Web GUIs
  • Android Native and Web GUIs
  • Web and Flex in multiple browsers
  • and more...