Are you tired of manual code reviews that consume valuable time and often overlook critical performance bottlenecks?

Introducing Codee, the cutting-edge tool designed to revolutionize your development process by automating code inspection and enhancing performance





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Screening report Screening report to do a quick assessment of the potential performance gain of the C/C++/Fortran code.

Checks report Checks report to list the checkers of the open catalog of performance optimization best practices found in the C/C++/Fortran code.

Coding assistant Coding assistant features to enable semi-automatic source code rewriting, always under the control and upon invocation by the programmer.

Integration with compiler optimization reports Integration with compiler optimization reports, including support for GCC, Clang, Intel oneAPI and Microsoft Visual Studio.



Quantify savings in development effort to modernize your code, and tailor the ROI estimation to your organization





Autofix Reports ROI



Boosting the performance of C/C++ code

Parallelware Analyzer is the first static code analyzer that looks at the code from the performance lens. The ever-increasing requirements of software development projects demand new tools that go beyond bug-catching, security and compliance with coding standards. Write hardware-friendly code that runs faster on modern hardware capabilities offered by chip manufacturers in the low-power multicore processors.

Parallelware Analyzer


The first static code analyzer that is designed specifically to boost the performance of C/C++ code.

Focus on performance

Leverage the expertise of the senior performance optimization engineers and write hardware-friendly code that runs fast on the target hardware platform, in the order of magnitude of 3x-4x.

Performance optimization reports

Get a performance optimization report with human-readable actions: opportunities, recommendations, defects and remarks.


Boost C/C++ code for all kinds of processors



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