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Ermetic is a Security solution that reduces security risks in Cloud Infrastructure which provides holistic, multicloud protection in an easy to deploy SaaS solution. Ermetic helps in preventing breaches by continuosly checking permissions, configurations and behavior across the full stack of identities, network, data and compute resources. Using advanced analytics to assess, prioritize and automatically remediate risks, Ermetic makes it possible to reduce your attack surface and enforce least privilege at scale even in the most complex cloud environments.

Ermetic being the Gartner listed No 1 product in this segment below are the key points

Deep Multi-Cloud Visibility and Asset Management

Managing the full assest inventory across regions, accounts, divisons and AWS/ Azure/ GCP. Can view network access and publicly exposed resources. Conduct smart queries and investigate activity logs by identity, entitlement or resource

Risk Assessment Across Identities, Network and Data

Gain full-stack insight across identity, network, compute and storage. Identifying Sensitive data, network exposure and Vulneraable Workloads

Automatic Remediation Tailored to your needs

Rapildy auto-remediate risk privileages and faulty configurations directly with wizards. Ticket automatically generated, optimized policies and configuration fixes with your CI/CD pipelines (Jira, ServiceNow…)

Proactive Policy Enforcement and Shift Left

 Minimize work with customizable policy templates. Define just-in-time access for developers and DevOps. Enforce automated guardrails for identities, resources and network configuration

Anamoly and Threat Detection

Conduct continuous risk analysis against behavior baselines. Spot unusual reconnaissance and unauthorized use or theft of access keys. Detect identity based threats including usual data access, unexpected permissions changes.

Compliance and Access Governance

Ensure compliance with industry standards and benchmarks. Carry out continuous compliance audit including for CIS, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, NIST, PCI and SOC2. Generate detailed reports including for asset inventory, network configurations and activity audits.

Ermetic helps in identifying the risks and guides us what to do about the risk. This helps teams in explaining others what others needs to be done. This helps in team to work on remediating the risk issues in current setup and as well as in future setups. The alternative of Ermetic is to do manual verification and then checking for risks and lot of work in checking for remediating the same risk which takes a lot of manual work hours. But Ermetic can make you to find out the same in minutes which can help an organization in getting the ROI soon.