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Secure Code Warrior makes secure coding a positive and engaging experience for developers as they increase their software security skills. With our flagship Learning Platform, we guide each coder along their own preferred learning pathway, so that security-skilled developers become the everyday superheroes of our connected world.
‍We succeed through a human approach that uncovers the secure developer inside of every coder - helping development teams ship quality code faster, so they can focus on creating amazing, safe software for our world.

Solutions for every team

As the number of cyber-threats continues to grow, organizations are making daily trade offs between security, practicality and speed.  Nobody wants to be front-page news for the latest data-breach, and organizations can't afford to lose business.
Secure Code Warrior 'starts left' in the software development process -- empowering developers to have the skills and tools to create quality code from the very start.

Secure Code Warrior adds a powerful layer of cyberprotection that is simple, scalable and positive. Our platform and tools have been designed for developers to be fun, competitive and engaging. Companies can scale secure coding excellence across their organization asindividuals and teams easily build and verify their application security skills,gain real-time security advice and monitor skill development. Whether undertaking hands-on training, competing in team or company-widetournaments, being aided by a real-time coaching plug-in, or completing assessments, Secure Code Warrior’s unique approach embeds security into the DNA of developers. Secure Code Warrior helps developers to:

Build their skills online with hands-on exercises ; Receive real-time advice through IDE coaching plug-in tools ; Verify their skillset through online assessments and certifications ; Monitor and measure their skill improvements and ROI