Cutting-edge protection for your iOS apps and SDKs

Hackers can use readily available tools to disassemble and inspect your iOS applications and SDKs and gain insight into their internal logic. This opens the way for various forms of abuse, including intellectual property theft, credential harvesting, tampering and cloning.

iXGuard protects native iOS and cross-platform apps and SDKs against reverse engineering and hacking. It hardens apps’ code and enables them to defend themselves at runtime.

 Secure development made easy

  1. iXGuard is a command-line tool that processes and protects iOS applications and libraries. It enables you to fully protect your application or SDK without requiring you to share or alter the source code.

  2. iXGuard is easy to configure. It can be set up to protect entire applications or specific functions with a single configuration file.

  3. iXGuard offers built-in support for both native iOS (Objective-C, Swift) and cross-platform applications (Cordova, Ionic, React Native, Unity).

  4. iXGuard provides functionality to help you efficiently and effectively protect your application or SDK: its In-App Assistant automatically generates configuration for your application and its Protection Report helps you validate and improve your protection setup before release.

  5. iXGuard integrates seamlessly with Guardsquare’s real-time threat monitoring platform, ThreatCast. ThreatCast gives you visibility into the actual threats facing your app and enables you to adapt your security configuration to the constantly evolving threat landscape. Free ThreatCast access is included in your Guardsquare license.


Advanced obfuscation and runtime protection for native and cross-platform iOS apps


Code hardening

iXGuard prevents attackers from gaining insight into your source code and modify it or extract valuable information from it. iXGuard provides:

  1. Obfuscation of name of classes, fields and methods, of arithmetic instructions, control flow and method calls
  2. Encryption of sensitive strings, assets and resources


Runtime application self-protection (RASP)

iXGuard enables applications and SDKs to monitor the integrity of their code and that of the environment in which they are running. iXGuard provides:

  1. Environment integrity checks, including jailbreak detection and debugger detection
  2. Application integrity checks, including repacking detection
  3. Code integrity checks, including hook detection, method swizzling prevention and code tracing detection