KlocworkTM is a niche Static Code Analyser tool which is capable of finding critical security vulnerabilities, checking on reliability issues of the software and checking on whether a particular coding standard like MISRA, DO-178C, CWE, DISA STIG, CERT, OWASP on C, C++, Java and C# codes.

KlocworkTM is also having the capability of taking up some levels of code refactoring for the C, C++ codes. It has a very well defined online peer code review portal which can help development teams to trigger a code review at any point in time during the development phase. This code review process is very effective as it is aimed at not finding out the coding defects and security vulnerabilities but to find ways to resolve them and to address some more innovative ways to tackle functional problems.

KlocworkTM is a product from “Roguewave Systems Inc.” which is headquartered in Louisville, CO, US. KlocworkTM started into operation in 2002 and since then it has more than 3000 customers globally. Klocwork is one of the leading Static Code analyser in India for C and C++ language.

Meteonic is partner of KlocworkTM in India to promote Static Code analysis solution.

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